World | International Rescue

22 04 2010

The vast United Nation network with their many sub-organisations remind me of Thunderbirds.  Vastly overrated and full of puppets.

Reacting to earthquakes, famines and civil strife while instigating deliberate embargoes or waging all-out war on ‘undesirable’ nations, all in the name of a good cause, is the actions undertaken by the Security Council.

Nevermind the fact that Rockefeller owns the UN Building in New York.  Nevermind the fact that since it’s inception, it has not stopped one massacre.  Nevermind the fact that the organisation relies on Corporate assets to survive, even parading celebrity goodwill ambassadors around the globe.  And by anointing Geri Halliwell as one, deserve nothing but scorn.

Alas, as the old adage goes, you can’t please everyone, and my personal favourite, you’re damned if you and damned if you don’t.

Several weeks ago, Haiti was hit by an earthquake of biblical scale and the world got their sun-lotion and rushed to the tropics.  A week later, below the equator in Latin America the slender nation of Chile was struck by their very own bit of earthly friction resulting in more volunteers, more sun-lotion and more opportunities to bask in the glory of charity.

Considering the response to Haiti became a sort of competition fueled by the few dozen shitstirrers reporters in the field.  National leaders not only across the broad but from around the world, even major charities took part in trying to out-do the other in the eyes of the world.

The Chilean response was better managed, perhaps ‘lessons learned’ did actually take place.  Also helped that Chile is attached to South America making it easier for aid but the lack of a pissing contest is a major improvement for rescue operations.

Yet our neighbour Iceland, just over 1100 miles away from London and the inspiration for our beloved supermarket brand, suffers a volcanic eruption showering the landscape a darkened hue.  But where is International Rescue now?

I know quite a few British Councils are pee’d off, gambling all those funds funnelled from central government and local taxation on the Icelandic stock-market expecting nothing but sunshine would leave a nasty taste in anyone’s mouth, yet to withhold help on that basis?

Haiti owed more than their fair share and I reckon the IMF owns Chile outright but both ‘pay’ their bills…  just a mindless musing this mind you.  I don’t want to do a JFK, I’m happy being poor(ist). If I’m wrong and Britain are spearheading the European Rapid Reaction Force, please, do let me know.  I can find out the ‘contractual conditions’ after.

Not at all surprising that Gordon Brownfest could organise a Naval rescue for Labour voters stuck abroad though.  Very surprised for the lack of a “Standing in consolidating” statement, thought that was Standard Operation Procedure whenever something goes eerie…  Must be the wrong colour, class or even, just possibly, the PM’s newest scapegoat.

On the bright side, Iceland will be having some fertile lands for the next few decades, that is for sure.  Plus, what better way to annoy the EU than to let one rip in our direction.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Nature, eh?  We may win the battles but She will win the war.

For some excellent pictures showcasing the power of Mother Nature, click HERE.

UPDATE:  One boat!




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