BNP | Paxman v Griffin

24 04 2010

Auntie Beeb would have the world and her sister believe that Jeremy Paxman is a demigod when it comes to political interrogations.  Yet time and again we see the Establishment’s most high-profile attack dog fail to stick it to the BNP and yesterday’s effort was no different.

The video speaks for itself so I will concentrate on an ad hominem attack on Mr Paxman instead.

Paxman stood for the Communist party in school elections.

“Having stood for the Communist party in school elections, he described himself as a socialist on an (unsuccessful) application to edit the New Statesman. The person Paxman always used to remind me of was Alastair Campbell.” – Decca Aitkenhead – Guardian – 9th February 2009

Beeboids’ pay packets.

“They can be terribly grand BBC presenter types – the Paxos and Dimblebys – when quizzed about their personal lives. The salary issue, especially, they seem to think is tantamount to asking the Queen whether or not she goes to the loo. – Delimgpole – Telegraph – October 2009

The Reds’ view on Paxman.

“Paxman and Hywel Williams have composed more up-to-date studies on the  so-called Establishment or ruling elites in Britain. But neither work updated from a Marxist standpoint. More’s the pity, not least because it might explain how the authors’ sons have ended up today as twittering purveyors of ruling-class ideas and policies.” – The Communist Party – August 2009

Mediocracy leanings.

“Above all, how aware is Newsnight that, far from being anti-establishment, it is the establishment. The politicians whom it so proudly bullies are at least elected, whereas its staff are paid for by a licence fee against which British television viewers have no legal redress. Money matters a lot.

Jeremy Paxman, it is reported, earns £1 million a year, five times more than the Prime Minister. That is what the programme thinks of itself. We, who have to pay for it, may not always share that high estimation.” – Charles Moore – Telgraph – 26th January 2010

Program: “Who Do You Think You Are?”

Paxman discovers he is descended from a Roger Paxman who changed the name from ‘Packs-man’ – ‘man with a pack’ – to ‘Pax-man’ – ‘man of peace’.

Roger, to Jeremy’s consternation, went on to become mayor and a member of parliament, or a ‘charlatan politician’ as Jeremy describes him.

“I didn’t think I could go any lower, but we’re doing well so far,” he said.

Kudos to a fellow patriot for the links and additional commentary.

Extra kudos to Mr Griffin for holding his own once more.




3 responses

25 04 2010
Daniel Pitt

I’m glad Griffin & his thuggish cronies have been exposed for the cowardly fascists they are.

25 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

How can the BNP be fascist?

They hold no political power, own no multinational companies and actually want a democracy where we, the Britons who have called this place home for more than a few generations, have a say in how OUR nation is run.

As for thuggish, politics is a dirty game, especially when Government financed Unions back Third-Party groups to attack the Government’s opponents, so of course there would be a need for ‘men’ of a certain standard.

Saying that, isn’t that fascist Dan? Union taking money from the Taxpayer and diverting that into political motivated groups of leftards… looks fascist to me.

25 04 2010

I really enjoyed that interview with Griffin, Paxman was totally lost, I remember when Griffin used to get all hot under the collar when barraged with the questioning from guys like Paxman, but the tables are certainly turned as could be seen from that interview, Paxman tried umpteen different lines of attack but all to no effect as Griffin outgunned him every time, in fact as could be clearly seen, Paxman was the guy getting all red and flustered because he knew he had been floor-swept with a superior debater, I`ll definateley be looking at the BNP manifesto to see the real BNP proposals rather than listen to what the media are saying about them.

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