BNP | Deacon’s solution to Nationalists

26 04 2010

A novel idea from a novel hack, Michael’s solution to our collective immigration woes is the remove Britons who complain about the rapidly changing faces of their homelands.  Of course, being the big-hearted humanitarian, Mr Deacon has even suggested the uninhabited islands surrounding Britain as a suitable location.

Nevermind the fact that this is my ancestral homeland, nevermind the fact that the islands surrounding the British coast are not self-sustainable and forget about his mention of ‘hardcore’, for who would decide what constituted that criteria.

Okay, this is probably just media babble passing for satire but it still shows the delusions of grandeur the Leftarded Armies of Doom display when discussing Nationalists.

Me and the BNP – here’s a plan that works for both of us

Michael Deacon would like to offer the BNP some pristine and uninhabited islands.

By Michael Deacon.  Published: 4:59PM BST 12 Apr 2010

I have something in common with hard-core BNP supporters: we both long for a section of society to leave Britain. They wish that immigrants weren’t here; I wish that hard-core BNP supporters weren’t here. It sounds unlikely, on the face of it, that the two positions can be reconciled.

I think, however, that I have a solution. Off the British coast are more than 1,000 islands, a good many of which are uninhabited. To give two examples, Hirta, to the west of the Outer Hebrides, is 670 hectares (nearly twice the size of Hyde Park); meanwhile Samson, among the Isles of Scilly, is a perfectly serviceable 38 hectares (52 times the size of the pitch at Wembley Stadium). My question is: why not donate all these uninhabited islands to the BNP so it can set up its own independent nations there?

It would be marvellous for all concerned. Marvellous for the BNP, because it could have all the control it liked over immigration to its own little countries. And marvellous for the rest of us back in Britain, because, well, the BNP wouldn’t be here any more. It wouldn’t be able to come back, either: given its stance on immigration, it would be hypocritical for any citizen of the BNP nations to re-enter Britain for anything but a holiday.

I suppose there is one risk. Having moved on to their BNP islands, the BNP’s most ideologically strict members might start attacking themselves as immigrants. They might accuse themselves of taking jobs from local cormorants or mice or whatever other indigenous inhabitants the islands have; and march down their own roads, brandishing banners emblazoned with slogans such as “SEND US HOME” and “KICK US OUT”; perhaps even post unpleasant-smelling matter through their own letterboxes.

Still, let’s look at this positively. Whatever methods the BNP islanders used in trying to drive themselves from their own homes, we in Britain would be hard-pushed to criticise them: after all, in this particular scenario, we couldn’t accuse the BNP of being racist.

So not only does Michael Deacon support the Establishments displacement in Blighty, wishes to complete the revolution by removing Nationalists that pose a threat to his bubble-wrapped world.

Another reason to vote BNP.

It’s either that or more of the same Internationalist Progressive Politicking supported by the Establishment Political Media Complex.




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