Camberwell and Peckham | Englishman named Yohara

27 04 2010

Camberwell and Peckham are chockfull of souls that depend on the State, from benefits to immigration.  Some Turkeys in Peckham will probably swing to the Liberal Democrats thinking ‘hmm, amnesty’, even though the Yellow team’s candidate is Mr Blango.

Reminds me of a James Bond baddie or a shady diamond dealer from the Congo but I will wait until the weekend to share that posting (hack in progress).  Still think Labour will win though, considering the fact that Dirty Harry has been MP for Peckham since 1982.  She’ll probably lose another 8 – 12 % though, and the

I was going to consider the English Democrats for I like some of their ideas, but after a little digging on Mr Yohara, have decided not to.  Found out the PPC information from the wonderful site YourNextMP, highly recommend to every other political soul.  Even found out Mr Yohara’s nomination signatories.

Cane Marguerite

Choudhury Zillul H

Watters Ross

Cooney John G

Williams Trystan L

Burke John G

Choudhury Ruhma B

Crowder Marion

Cooney Bridget

Harrison Kara M

Couldn’t find anything other than his name at first but then came across his Facebook page, and luckily, seeing as I’m also a ‘fan’ of the English Democrats group, could have a gander at his groups.  And seeing that the PPC has signed up to Leftarded Progressives’ groups (ex:1) along with a UAF-inspired BNP hate-group (ex.2), so sadly cannot put my faith in such a left-leaning being.

click to enlarge

And what kind of English name is Mr Yohara?  More suitable name for a member of the Yakuza.  I’m all for those wanting to become English but sadly, due to the constant reminding that every other special group needs their own kin to represent them, surely the same applies to me.  Can’t expect a plastic patriot to be able to represent myself.  Call me racist but I didn’t make up these Equality and Racial Coercive Laws.

Conclusion:  I could vote FOR the party but I could never vote FOR Mr Yohara.

Shame that but I’ve still got the independents to choose from.  Just need to find some quiet time when no footie is on to investigate those prospects.  Surely I will be able to find one to suit my tastes.  If not, I’m thinking of becoming a professional pikey and living the rest of my days breeding ginger kids with one eyebrow drawing as much child benefit as possible.

Open Invitation to Mr Yohara:  Feel free to defend yourself here, maybe I just got the wrong impression and you truly do have my best interests at heart.  Highly doubt it myself but a vote is a vote.




One response

14 02 2011
Simon Melton

You shut up jackass, what do you have to say about candidate Yohara? while you are under your roof seating in a china-made sofa, watching a Thosiba TV, typing your shit in a Samsung computer. If you feel so patriotic wear some ribbons around your neck and go to the streets to do some morris dancing…also do not forget the Saint George’s Day is the 23rd of April, wear your precious English Flag and support the campaing for an English Parliament, I guess your brain is so small as you the rest of you to understand that England has not her own voice and nothing to do with race or ethnicity discrimination… your web is a fool
Simon Melton

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