Camberwell and Peckham | Columba Blango

28 04 2010

To confirm I did not lie when comparing the Liberal Democrat’s PPC image to that of an African diamond merchant.  Look at those shades and the squared shouldered stance, like something out of the movie ‘Blood Diamond’.

Still, politics is not about image, it is about spin, tokenism and robbing paul to buy peter’s vote at the ballot box.  Only this time the Liberal Democrats are going for the NuBritons’ block vote proposing their ‘amnesty’ for the unknown amount of illegal immigrants already residing here in Blighty.

Sure vote winner that in Little Lagos.  When Boaty D suggested (nice term for it) that I sought political office instead of bleating on about it here, I assured him the only way I could secure a victory here is if I legalised drugs and supported an amnesty for the world’s tribes already here.

Have I mentioned that the Liberal Democrats are staunch Eunification freaks who have on more than one occasion, spoken of England as regions?  Well, always worth reminding.

Vote Lib Dem, Get the EU.

I believe no more needs to be said.  Those who still wish to cast their vote to the Yellow team, there truly is no hope for you.




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