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28 04 2010

Just for fun I thought I’d check out the Leftarded Armies of Doom hoping to capitalize on all those African commies and illegals residing in Peckham. Most of these Red Groups seek the destruction of borders and total North Korean-style socialism installed across the world.

Oddly, I share one sentiment with this Workers’ Saint and that is her hatred directed at Harperson.  Apart from that, I could never support an organisaton that sought to destroy my ancestral homeland.  Turkeys and Christmas comes to mind.

This post will shine enough light on the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty candidate to put me off.  Problem is, the promise of a guaranteed State financed job will be tempting to those with the voodoo village mentality.  Quite cool what you can dig up on facebook.

There are now less than two weeks to go until the General Election. Use that time positively by helping our socialist election campaign!

Jill Mountford, council worker, revolutionary socialist, feminist, class-struggle militant will be standing in the south London constituency of Camberwell and Peckham against New Labour minister and deputy leader Harriet Harman. Harman is a chemically pure Blairite apparatchik personally responsible for many of the government’s attacks on the working class (eg cutting single parent benefit, blocking abortion rights in Northern Ireland).

We have been building a socialist campaign in Camberwell and Peckham for about a year. Between now and the general election we will be stepping it up.

If you want to do something positive in this election, come and help us! Donate at least a couple of hours in the next two weeks to leafleting, canvassing and other ways of supporting Jill Mountford’s campaign.

The struggle goes on and I mean literally after reading these policies that have no chance in hell of working…

For a working-class voice in Parliament! For a workers’ MP on a worker’s wage!

In the next general election, socialist activist Jill Mountford will be standing against New Labour deputy leader and cabinet minister Harriet Harman in the south east London constituency of Camberwell and Peckham.

More than ever in the midst of wage cuts, job losses and repossessions, working-class people need MPs who will represent us and help us fight for their interests – not four or five more years of New Labour careerists serving the bosses and the rich in a way almost indistinguishable from the Tories.

Despite her claims to be a “democratic socialist” and “feminist”, Harman is a government loyalist with a truly appalling voting record.

In 1998, as Secretary of State for Social Security, she oversaw New Labour’s cut in single parent benefit, throwing thousands upon thousands of single parents deeper into poverty. She has not rebelled against the Government once, voting for student tuition fees, privatisation in the NHS and schools, the Iraq war and all the rest.

In 2008, this self-styled fighter for women’s rights oversaw the government’s use of Parliamentary procedures to prevent MPs from even voting on an amendment to extend abortion rights to women in Northern Ireland.

Harman’s combined salary is more than £100,000 a year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she recently proposed to exempt MPs’ expenses from the Freedom of Information Act.

Jill Mountford has lived in south east London and worked as a community worker for almost twenty years. She has been active in the labour movement all that time. She was national organiser of the Welfare State Network, set up in the 1990s to demand that Labour rebuild public services and the welfare state, and is now an activist in the public sector union Unison.

Jill is a socialist and a feminist, and a member of the socialist group Workers’ Liberty. She is running in this election to rebuild political representation for working-class people; if elected, she will take only the average worker’s wage and donate the rest to labour movement and community campaigns.

She is standing to oppose the bosses’ attempts to make us pay for their economic crisis, supporting workers’ and working-class community struggles; to demand decent jobs, homes and public services for all; and to fight for a workers’ government, a government based on and accountable to the workers’ movement that serves the working class as the Tories and New Labour in office have served the bosses and the rich. She wants to see capitalism replaced with a socialist society run in the interests of people, not profit.

Now for her admirable yet mission impossible policies which will certainly appeal to large sections of voodoo people, especially as it has a global appeal with amnesty attached.  Blighty cannot even sort out Her own problems and Commie Red wants to rule the world.

Jill’s policies:

These are demands which the workers’ movement and left can fight for now, policies for working-class political representatives to put forward and a program for a workers’ government to put into practice.

(1) Jobs, homes and services for all

Create jobs for all by cutting work hours with no loss of pay, and creating millions of jobs in public services. Open the bosses’ books: nationalise companies which cut jobs, under workers’ control.

Stop and reverse cuts and privatisations. Restore the NHS. Nationalise the drug industry. No to Academies, a good local secular comprehensive school for every child. Free education from nursery to university.

Living student grants.

A crash programme of council house building and repairs.

(2) A decent income for all, attack poverty and inequality

No to wage cuts, for wages that rise at least in line with inflation. A minimum wage of two-thirds median male earnings (£9 an hour) without exceptions.

Shift the tax burden from workers to the rich and business, abolish tax for the least well off. Tax the rich!

Benefits should be enough to live on and rise in line with earnings or prices, whichever is higher. Oppose New Labour’s attacks on the unemployed, disabled and long-term sick.

For the right to retire at maximum 60 on a decent pension. Level up private sector pensions to the best public sector provision. Restore the link between the basic state pension and earnings now.

(3) Take over the banks

Nationalise all the banks and sack their bosses to create single, publicly-owned, democratically-controlled banking, pensions, and mortgage service.

(4) Workers’ rights

Scrap the Tory anti-union laws so workers can defend themselves. For legal rights to organise, to strike, to take solidarity action, and to picket. Full equal rights for part-time, temporary and agency workers. 100 percent support for workers’ struggles.

(5) Equality for all

Women’s rights: extend social provision instead of making cuts which put social burdens back on “caring” women. Trade union and political action for equal pay. Defend and extend abortion rights and provisions. For abortion on demand.

Fight homophobia and transphobia. For 100% legal equality for LGBT people.

Against fascism, racism and communalism. Unite workers – black and white; Muslim, Christian, all religions and none; migrant and British-born; “legal” and “illegal” – to fight for jobs, housing and services for all.

Fight for asylum and immigration rights – no one is illegal!

(6) Protect the environment

Achieve the necessary cuts in carbon emissions and create a million green jobs through a democratically-controlled programme of converting energy industries, transport, and housing.

For publicly-owned, expanded, integrated and free/cheap public transport. For massive public investment in renewable energy.

(7) International solidarity

British bosses are our enemies, workers in other countries are our allies. Unite with workers across Europe and the world; fight to level up wages, conditions, services and rights.

On the evidence, sending troops to Afghanistan does more harm than good; they should be withdrawn. Cut arms spending; scrap the Trident replacement.

(8) Fight for democracy

The expenses’ scandal shows that the democracy we have serves the bosses, not the working class. We need to fight for better, starting by putting all MPs on a worker’s wage, with properly-vetted expenses. Abolish the monarchy and the House of Lords.

Defend civil liberties and the right to protest. Measures to weaken the police as a bosses’ assault force, including local democratic accountability.

Still, this isn’t just a one-man band, for she has a group of canvassers who have merrily gotten feedback from the easily pleased public.

Daniel: I had a long conversation on a doorstep with a man who was a long-standing Labour voter who said he would never vote Labour again. He argued that the Labour Party had failed to support the working class and the poor.

He intended to vote Lib Dem. I am not sure if I persuaded him, but he was pro-union and he did not know the Lib Dems’ anti-union record in — for example — local government.

He bought a paper and maybe I will go back and have another discussion next week.

Edward: I had a discussion with a disabled woman who argued that increasing the minimum wage to £8.80 per hour (a demand displayed prominently on our election leaflets) would not benefit her directly, but the quality of care she received would improve if her carers were better paid.

We took a street cleaner leafletting with us — I am not sure he had ever done anything like this before. It was a good experience. We gave out several hundred leaflets outside Peckham mosque last Friday. We had lots of good discussions and sold seven copies of Solidarity.

Mark: It is now very easy to sell socialist newspapers, and noticeably easier on estates than in more middle class areas.

We have had small numbers of people at our public meetings, but the discussions that have taken place have been useful. There’s not much of a culture of attending meetings any more. But people do want to talk and we’ve had lots of debates and discussions on doorsteps.

A lot of working class people just simply don’t know how to engage. They feel disenfranchised because no mainstream political party articulates a view they share, and disgusted by politicians who they feel are rotten and corrupt.

It is sometimes hard to disagree. I had a long discussion with a woman worker who knew very well she was being exploited, but who couldn’t see the point of voting for a small socialist group (of course we won’t win the seat, or come anywhere near either) and thought her union was rubbish (it sounded as if it was).

I think part of the answer is to explain that the vote is not the main issue for us. What we’re doing is making socialist propaganda for the long-term. After the election, we’ll still be here. The more people we can convince now, organise now, the better we will be able to resist the cuts that are coming — no matter who wins.

Anita: I did a bit of canvassing this evening. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I only managed half a street — about 25 doorbells — and yet I found a man that reckons he’ll vote for any genuine socialist candidate.

It was interesting to hear what people thought. Most were undecided, though I think most of the indecision was about whether to bother voting at all. A few people said that whatever they did, they wouldn’t vote Tory.

I was struck again by what an excellent opportunity the election is to get into political conversations on the doorstep. Not everyone would spend time talking to me, but they were apologetic about that, they were generally very prepared to talk.

Overall, I think canvassing is really worthwhile doing, I think it’s actually part of the reason why standing in elections is a good thing for socialists to do.

Cath said she’d enjoyed canvassing during the campaign.

“I found it quite scary at first. People have such very different ways of expressing themselves, and so many different angles on the same important questions. To be able to reply coherently, and to break down some big ideas in to understandable chunks is a difficult skill.

“People can be quite eclectic too. People can acknowledge the need for workers to stick together, and still complain about work-shy single mums ‘getting flats easily’ or Eastern Europeans ‘robbing benefits’.

“A lot of the myths in circulation are simply that: myths. Eastern European migrants mostly can’t claim benefits, and no-one gets council flats easily — single mums, or anyone else. There are very few council flats! There’s a waiting list of many thousands!”

It is simply a matter of mathematics and common sense, something that seems to have gone walkies in Britain.  For the simple-minded, Britain’s landmass is small, world’s population is enormous, we cannot fit gallons of water in a litre and half bottle!  And encouraging immigrants to vote for the  destruction of Britain is criminal and insane.  We cannot trust our own politicians yet Socialists want to create more!

Isn’t Britain as the unique nation with a history and culture to match worth defending?  Is it really worth gambling the future of Her peoples for a fantasy world utopian ideal that would only end up serving the Political Class?  For the day we rid ourselves of Private Ownership is the day we become nothing more than property of the State.

Vote Jill, get the WHOLE DAMN WORLD!




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