GE10 faux pas | Bigots and Racists

28 04 2010

Pensioner who claims she was a life-long Labour voter asks Brown how he would tackle the country’s record deficit, east European immigration, pensions, university tuition fees and anti-social behaviour.  ‘Flash’ Gordon reels off some tractor-stats, lessons learned and how the EU relationship is so beneficial to the economy which currently resides in the gutter.  So far, so Brown.

Then thinking he is out of earshot but forgetting the Sky microphone still attached to his jacket, labels the questioning granny as a ‘bigot’.

The delusional monkeys that call themselves Parliamentarians just do not get it.  Opposing the invasion of ones’ ancestral homeland by economic migrants is not bigotry or racist, it is common sense.  How would any of these Stooges like their home transformed into Little Lagos, Little Warsaw or Little Pakistan?

To bleat on about fairness and equality then deem it racist and xenophobic to oppose mass immigration and Eunification is one thing.  To do so while pandering to the Government ‘sanctioned’ and ‘approved’ Black Minority Ethnic groups is just plain hypocritical.  How can we achieve equality when the EU stooge Establishment are attending a supremacist Black Britain Decides event organised by Operation Black Vote?

Leaders to vie for black votes at London rally

(Reuters) – The three main party leaders will appeal to over 1 million black voters on Wednesday in a bid to woo ethnic minorities who may hold the balance of power in some parliamentary seats.

They will speak at a rally in central London organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV), who say the event is the largest of its kind in recent history and could make a “defining impact” on the election outcome.

The three leaders will address an invited audience of 2,500 voters by video-link at the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster at 6 p.m, but will reach a broadcast audience of well over one million.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and opposition leaders David Cameron and Nick Clegg will each have 15 minutes to speak.

Their respective deputies, Harriet Harman, George Osborne and Vince Cable, who will attend the event in person, will then field two questions each.

“Never before in British history has the black and minority ethnic vote been so crucial,” said Simon Woolley, OBV Director.

Woolley said ethnic minorities in Britain were not a homogeneous block and that tackling race inequality within education, employment and the criminal justice system were paramount.

“Which leader can best provide the solutions for these important challenges will be closer to winning this election,” he added.

OBV’s own pre-election research into the power of the black vote shows there are 113 seats in which the black and Asian voting-age population is bigger than the 2005 election notional majority.

It says 54 of those seats would now be considered very marginal due to the “Clegg factor” during the election campaign but that all 113 could be won or lost by an active black vote.

Other speakers at the event, called “Black Britain Decides,” will include black leaders from faith groups, business, politics, the arts and education.

(Reporting by Stefano Ambrogi; Editing by Steve Addison)

The joys of cultural enrichment, brought to you by the Establishment for the simple reason of keeping YOU in your place.




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28 04 2010

Having returned home late this evening, I caught Channel 4 News. Did you happen to see it? One of the insulted woman’s relatives was interviewed, and she too said that she was once a Labour voter, but as of today, was so no longer. “Will you vote Conservative?” she was asked. “No” came the reply. “Will you vote Liberal Democrat?” She said nothing, but the expression on her face told me that the penny had finally dropped for her and other former Labour-voting members of her family. She realised what our establishment politicians think of ordinary English people. In her eyes I glimpsed an angry, knowing and mischievous look which suggested “We know where we are now. We know whose looking out for us, and it’s not you.” A harvest of votes for the BNP is there for the gathering. How many, no-one can know, but at the minimum it will be in the tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands.

It may be too late in the campaign for the party to overcome the continuous barrage of assaults, court cases and negative spin from its opponents, but the sons and daughters of Albion are beginning to stir, and I feel more hopeful today then ever hitherto, that we will not have to wait long to see the BNP make its much-needed Westminster breakthrough.

28 04 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Hardly watch the TV now, rely on my fellow YT patriots to send me the links so will probably get this tomorrow.

We will prevail, we have no other choice.

We shall have a voice after May 6th, that is for certain, all this publicity.

29 04 2010
OBV | Black Britain Decided? « My mindless mind mindlessly minding

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