EUSSR rant | Pull the other Clegg

29 04 2010

The European Union is the Neo-Soviet Union.  Three Presidents elected by 0.0001% of Europeans, treaties rejected, renamed, then pushed through, and now the distant possibility that Nick Clegg’s EU Stooge Party will overtake Labour.  A coalition consisting of the approved parties will be a coalition that continues the Eunification project.

The European Union was built on lies and false promises.  Not only that, propagate the message in a way that would put Goebbels to shame.  EU and democracy should not be allowed in the same sentence, yet I’m as outraged as Disverything when it comes to this  (apologies but had to borrow it all).

Say whatever you think the audience want to hear

Diseverything.  Thursday, April 29, 2010, 09:12 AM GMT

Top right hand corner of page 7, today’s Telegraph, ‘Britain wedded to empire,’ says Clegg. Didn’t he attend the divorce?

What the hell is Nick Clegg on about, when he says, ‘If you’re one of the founding members, the creation of the European Union was a triumph, an absolute blinding triumph of peace over war, of democracy over tyranny……’

What, in heaven’s name, is democratic about the European Union? When have they ever listened to the peoples that make up this superstate?

France and The Netherlands vote ‘no’ to the Constitution, result? Name change and no further say for those nations. Eire votes ‘no’ and is bullied until she changes her mind. The UK was promised a referendum – where is it?

Mr Clegg, you are a charlatan and a fool and it’s the fault of this nation that fools like you, rise up to govern (We’ve-no-interest-in politics), fools like us and spout this nonsense.

As for his take on our nostalgia for ‘Empire’, that died a lifetime ago with my father’s generation. Sure many of us, perhaps the majority, are proud of our role in the history of this planet. Who would not be proud having spawned sons like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, yes, and even the USA but, like all families we also spawned a number of ‘black sheep’ (no pun intended) and have been hobbled by them ever since.

Britain did as much good, if not more, than all the Greek Philosophy, the Roman engineering, the Spanish and the French. For centuries, even today, we stand out as the one beacon of freedom in a tyrannical world. Nick Clegg speaks, thanks to the sacrifice of our forefathers. What a shallow man he is, yet he commands the high ground to spread this rubbish.

The Establishment Political Media Complex scream “racist” and “fascist” (or the classic, “bigot”) at anyone who opposes the Cultural Marxist agenda to mask the fact that it is they that are the racists and fascists for imposing such unwanted dictates.

Withdraw from the EU, ASAP.

Vote only for those who will call for that.  That or a referendum at least.  Look at Switzerland, proof that WE don’t need the EU.




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