Immigration | Promises, promises, promises

29 04 2010

During Election Season, with so much vote-begging to be done, every subject becomes valid, various perspectives listened to, then the inevitable Party-endorsed action plan is presented to the punters as the Holy Grail to Blighty’s woes.

Then as soon as the election finishes, opposing immigration becomes racist while highlighting the European relationship becomes xenophobic (or as ‘Flash’ Gordon put it, “Bigot”).

The Blue, Red and Yellow teams are all EU stooges.  And so long as we are in the EU, our own National Parliament will be nothing more than the rubber-stamper of European dictated directives.  Case in point, African becomes French citizen and is then directed to one of the newly formed EU-approved English Regions.  And there is nothing our elected officials can do about it!

When the Subversives busy themselves informing us that WE need quotas to ensure people of a different persuasion have the same representation as Whitey, citing the reason that Whitey cannot truly represent those who are different, doesn’t that same logic apply poor Whitey?

How can a newcomer truly represent me?  How can those with split loyalties truly represent Britain?  How can we trust our NuBritons to put British interests before their land of origin?

Too many paper citizens that have little care for Britain’s traditions is bad for the general wellbeing of the nation.  The people make the nation, not the other-way round.  Import the turd world and we will become the turd world, with all the prejudice and scorn that comes with it.

In striving to make us equal, the Establishment are achieving the exact opposite.  They are entrenching positions of differences that if not tackled now, will only lead to further national fragmentation.  Or perhaps this is the fuse that will destroy democracy as we know it.  For if an Islamic Party forms and make headway, what better excuse for the Bastards that Be to dismantle our democratic rights.

More encouragement comes from the NuBritons themselves, who actually believe the Establishment has their best interests at heart.  Immigration is a means to an end for Earth Plc’s owners, not some deep philanthropical ideal but driven by greed and power.

The end will be the devolution of democratic nation states and foundations prepared for a post-democratic supranational one.

Save your Nation and vote Nationalist, it is as simple as that.

The Establishment Political Media Complex do not like local issues.  Everything with our National Governments the world over is global this, global and all with a thick sauce of global tax smothered on top.  Nearly seventy years we have collectively been falling for their tripe.  Let’s not make the same mistake again.




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