Leftarded Beeboids | Marcus Brigstocke

29 04 2010

BBC-employed Marcus is in a twitter battle with Euroskeptics and from my perspective losing.  In fact, I would say lost considering his total disregard for the ‘people’ and the ‘press’ regarding the Lisbon Treaty.

from MarcusBrig

click to enlarge

All those European Orientation Courses have paid off in the State Broadcaster affectionately (as well as sarcastically) known as Auntie Beeb.  All the Talking Heads parroting the approved message of Eunification, with not a whisper regarding the European Parliament’s undemocratic nature.

In actual fact, defending the Top-Down Relationship the EU proposes, deeming us people as untrustworthy with deciding our destiny.  Think Marcus needs his training bib again.

The BBC, supporting the EU since 1997.




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