OBV | Black Britain Decided?

29 04 2010

From my previous posting regarding the supremacist organisation Operation Black Vote, have finally got some news of the event.

And just like the National Black Policeman’s Association and Operation Trident, this is another racist front organisation supposedly supporting Equality yet working towards the opposite and enforcing the need for Race Relations.

Parties woo black voters at rally

(UKPA) – 1 hour ago

Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats attempted to woo black voters at a lively rally on Wednesday night.

Hundreds packed the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster, central London, for the Black Britain Decides event organised by Operation Black Vote.

The campaign group said the votes of black and ethnic minority people could have a “defining impact” on the outcome of the General Election.

Harriet Harman, Labour deputy leader, shadow chancellor George Osborne and Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman Vince Cable addressed the rally, while Tory leader David Cameron and Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg both recorded messages which were broadcast in the hall.

Actor Kwame Kwei-Armah hosted the event, fielding questions from a vocal audience and using humour to keep control of the crowd.

The politicians were grilled on issues such as police use of stop and search powers and the DNA database, with those attending the event expressing concerns about disproportionate targeting of black people.

During the three-hour event they also spoke of their parties’ beliefs and pledges to make British society more equal and described personal experiences and motivations to bring home their message.

Asked what would be done to deal with a situation where a black man was five times more likely to be stopped by police than a white man, Ms Harman said: “I think that there is great concern, including in the Metropolitan Police, to make sure that there is not a sense of unfairness about the way stop and search is happening. I know there is a great deal of concern about that.”

She said it was important to balance the public’s desire to feel safe in the knowledge knives were not being carried on the streets with the need for fairness.

Kwei-Armah prompted cheers and applause when he ended the exchange by saying: “I think it’s very clear to Harriet and the Labour Party that people feel very strongly about the DNA database and it’s something, if you are elected, they would like to see reviewed.”

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And major kudos goes to Federica Cocco for covering the event and providing photos that can be found HERE.  Also provided the following blurb which I thought needed highlighting.

Harriet Harman, George Osborne and Vince Cable attended the Black Britain Decides rally organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV) in the Methodist Hall in Westminster. The rally was organised in partnership with Peace Alliance, church leaders, business leaders, activists and many other eminent members of the British community of black and ethnic minorities (BEM).

Up to 120 marginal seats could depend on the black vote, organisers say.

As prominent members of the three main parties spoke of their policies in favour of enhancing equality and justice, they faced tough and challenging questions from the audience, particularly on stop & search and on the national DNA database.

Okay for the Establishment to pander to the NuBritons to further the Internationalist Agenda yet evil for the Nationalists to oppose it on behalf of TruBritons.  Reminds me of High Street Banks, will bend over to gain your custom but once you’re in the vault, will move straight onto the next sucker.

The Western World hoovers up citizens like the Devil collects Souls.  Saints or Sinners, all are welcome to toil for the Internationalist Dream of Financial Salvation.

Some novel advice from myself regarding the ‘dissprotianate’ Stop & Search policy that so oppresses the yooth.  Tell your yewts to cease dressing and acting ‘Gangsta’, drop the South Central slang and STOP becoming one-man crime-waves.  Damn, not only do the Policeman get their own grouping but also the crooks!!!

Operation White Vote – for one day, we may just well regret it.




3 responses

3 05 2010

She was heckled for the race relations act (by me) which the Labour party took away in the Section 19 C of the Race Relations Amendment ACT 2000 in which Judges in ANY COURT are exempt from the race relations act i.e they can discriminiate!!

3 05 2010

What you dont realise is this: once you have said that foreigners can come into Britain and make them British you are obligated by EVERY law ever to make them your equal otherwise you destroy yourself. We as Black British are calling for the numbers of immigrants be limited and FOR JUSTICE to be done to the “foreigners” that are non white British. Why do white people find that simple logic hard to understand?

3 05 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

We as Black British are calling for the numbers of immigrants be limited and FOR JUSTICE to be done to the “foreigners” that are non white British.

So now you’re here you don’t want any others? Ahem, maybe you now know what it feels like when your beloved homeland starts to resemble Little Lagos.

Why do white people find that simple logic hard to understand?

We understand it perfectly, TruBritons have been saying the same since 1948.

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