Camberwell and Peckham | Patricia Knox PPC

30 04 2010

Okay, Camberwell and Peckham is Dirty Harry’s borough but I have noticed a distinct lack of Labour supporting placards adorning windowsills.  Last election and the Deluded Wing of Peckham were wearing them as sandwich boards (slight exaggeration but claiming poetic licence).  And even if my vote only helps the candidate retain their deposit, I will feel counted.

For my long-gone ancestors never had this opportunity.  Many millions around the world still do not have this right.  The ability to ask someone to represent you in the Highest Chamber on Earth.  A Nationalist at heart who would vote for the BNP tomorrow, the following may be a surprise to some.

The only independent candidate who has a website is Patricia Knox, and I am slightly impressed for what the lady stands for.  Even more impressed with her soundbite.  Main blessing though, she is an independent and isn’t Harriet Harperson.

Educated (look at the books), articulate (I could relate to her) and conservative (five kids!).  Could this be the start of the new beginning promised for Peckham?

Patricia Knox PPC.  Local Candidate for Camberwell and Peckham (website)

“The members of my party are the people of Camberwell and Peckham.  I therefore promise to speak and act solely in YOUR interests”

She also dislikes the corrupt Harman and is a REAL conservative.  So far, so good.  Her views on a variety of issues are expressed in a handy FAQ attached to the site but I’ve highlighted a few I agree with.

Immigration levels are too high.

Immigration like anything else has to be placed within workable limits – any excess and social issues are bound to arise. There is evidence to suggest that immigration has been allowed to increase without limit, no doubt due to the enlargement of the EU.

Should a new British government begin negotiations to leave the European Union?

Yes – while it has any freedom left to make up its own mind about things. We joined the EU for economic reasons but it has now become a political union. A union of trading nations is one thing – but a political union involving loss of sovereignty is quite another matter.

In the context of our constituency it can probably be said that any money received from the European Union for urban regeneration was our money in the first place!

Should British troops stay in Afghanistan as long as they are needed?

No – they should never have gone there in the first place. If terrorists want to attack us on our home territory its up to us to defend ourselves adequately, but that’s something we have failed to do in the past due to lax security. There’s no need for us to go looking for trouble in other countries. We need to put our own house in order before telling our neighbours how to live.

Is it  time to get rid of the LGBT police liaison officer?

There is no need for a lesbian or gay advisory group to advise the police and no reason to qualify crimes against the person into categories depending on race or gender. A punch in the face is painful whether you are black, white or gay and deserves the same punishment under the law. The severity of a crime should not be determined by the race, religion or gender of the victim.

Do you support the immediate withdrawal of British and NATO troops from Afghanistan?

Yes. Afghanistan is a quagmire much like Vietnam was and we are wasting the lives of our soldiers for no sensible reason. We cannot police the world’s corrupt regimes.

Do you oppose the attacks on Muslims and the growing Islamophobia in British society?

I oppose any criminality regardless of race, gender or religion.

So Mrs Knox, you may receive a Nationalists vote for the above for even though vague, you’re not Harriet Harperson.  Sadly, you may have lost it for the following.

Does Britain spend too much money on foreign aid?

There are no reliable figures to show this to be the case. What is too much for one person with a full belly is never enough for a person with an empty stomach.

Are you opposed to the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons?


Still, either your good self or one of those Leftarded Armies of International Armchair Superheroes may get my vote.  Shiver the thought of supporting those Reds.




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