Guardian | Nudging the Deluded

30 04 2010

I must be allergic to the Guardian brand of leftarded media waffle, for although three sheets to the wind right not (pissed), I am still shaking with rage.

Never in the history of the written word has so much humanitarian brotherly bullcrap ever been published.  Even Karl Marx himself would find it hard competing with these ideological fools.  For it is easy to observe and report, much harder to work and provide.

Reason for the spillage of poisonous venom is the fact that I cannot find Iron Man 2, am real drowsy due to drink and have just read the following Idiot’s Guide to Voting provided in the nausea inducing leftist rag of Earth Plc’s International Caring and Sharing Gangmasters, so long as it is the Masters who get to ‘care’ while the gang have to ‘share’.

More voter dilemmas: can you help?

‘I was going to vote Tory again but don’t like my local candidate’

‘My heart says Lib Dem but it is a wasted vote’

‘How should I vote to keep the BNP out?’

These people have contacted us about their voting quandaries. Can you help? We’re particularly keen to hear from people with local knowledge of the constituencies in question. We’ve numbered them so you can indicate in the thread which voter you particularly want to help.

Voter 1

I am a (relatively) new voter, with only one general election behind me I thought I was quite happy to keep voting Conservative. However, I don’t like the candidate standing in my local area of Lincoln, Karl McCartney. I’ve had dealings with the current MP Gillian Merron (Labour) and despite her carefully arranged PR handshakes and photo opportunities, I like what the former Blair’s Babe has done for the area. With half decent roads and train lines now in place I believe her promise to deliver more. The Tory candidate just can’t compete in the publicity battles, he puts his foot in things and is lacking in charisma. My dilemma is: do I vote for the party I like, or the person I want in power in my area?

Voter 2

I have just moved to Glasgow South, considered a safe Labour seat. The Labour candidate is a decent enough chap, but my heart tells me to vote Lib Dem as I feel it is time for change in Westminster and I am very tired of the two “main” parties being the only choice we ever have due to a flawed and outdated voting system. If I vote Lib Dem, am I wasting my vote? According to the website my vote here is only worth 0.04 (6.25 times less than the UK average). The last thing I want is a Tory government, should I just give in and vote Labour?

Voter 3

My constituency is Stoke-on-Trent Central. The sitting MP (Mark Fisher) has retired, and the Labour party has parachuted in someone from outside at the last minute (TV historian Tristram Hunt). What’s more, there’s the threat of the BNP and a popular local ex-BNP member now standing as an independent. As a committed Labour voter, do I go with the Labour candidate, or with the local ex-Labour man who’s now standing as an independent, or with the Lib Dem candidate to force a change, or vote to keep the BNP out?

Nothing about policies, local, national or european, all about Party Colours.  And of course, the main colour being Red.  kvlx387’s comment either sarcastically sends up the ‘questions’ or, gulp, actual advice.

Voter 1: If you think your local Labour MP is so great, why would you vote for another candidate?

Voter 2: You’re in the right constituency to cast a truly tribal vote. Vote Labour. Because you’re from a ‘Labour family’.

Voter 3: You’re another tribal voter. Hence you should vote Labour. That’s what members of your tribe have always done.

That’s another three votes to Labour.

We doomed so long as some of our compatriots (includes NuBritons for we’re all on the same ship now) continue to accept the views of the Establishment Political Media Complex.  Blind loyalty to proven liars, thieves and scoundrels is not progress by any means.

Our problems will not be solved by the cause.

Follow your head this election, not your tribal instincts and definitely not the media.




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