Sovietic Labour | Commie Colour Scheme

2 05 2010

I’m  a sucker for looking into things too much and seeing ‘orrible coincidences.  One being the reason that Piers Morgan is eligible for employment after his car-crash CV.  This is the man who was head of the Mirror News-Polluter when they printed untrue stories of prisoner abuse, endangering the lives of many just for a scoop.  He once posed nude for God’s sake!  He is a fuitcake of the highest order.

Another is the symbols used by our Political Puppeteers’ to entice the voter.

Take Labour’s party propaganda posters.  Mundane with the simplest of messages proclaiming nothing but intention.

Yet those colours.

So familiar to their roots that it does deserve a mention.

Now, if only the below was official, maybe I could see myself in a red cap.Talk about pinning your colours on the wall, the Labour Party are still using Commie colour schemes.  Wonder if Dulux has a selection.




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