NuSpeak | European Union

3 05 2010

This is for all the simpletons that make up the Leftarded Armies of Doom.  So happy chanting State-approved mantras of ‘inclusion’, so long as it means more justification for more governmental intervention.

European Union is another reincarnation of Communistic Union.

We have THREE European Presidents, each with less than 0.001% of a mandate!  By managing to wiggle their way into provincial politics they now find themselves heading a continent with 500,000,000 souls in it!

We can vote for our so-called ‘Representatives’ yet what good are when the only ‘representing’ they do is on behalf of the Corporatist Eunification Project?

A vote for the Establishment is a vote for the continuation of the undemocratic, unswerving and unrelenting European Commission.  Anyone but them, please!  Even if I have to vote for Jill Guevara in Peckham, I’d rather an out-and-out communist than these plastic politicians ‘who’d conjure up a story of personal woe for a vote‘ bastards we currently endure.




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