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3 05 2010

To be honest, I thought I’d be able to sift through all the info on my own and translate the process in simple underclass English.  Woe’e me, woe’e me though that there is so much crap out there, that I just cannot be bothered.

There are only so many promises and pledges one can read before he becomes a total cynic.  And that is no fun in a Bermondsey pub, or healthy for that matter if you’re moaning at everyone and everything.

So, if you live in the glorious and historic borough of Southwark, for all the local and national candidates standing in your locality, visit the following Official Council link for information before you cast your vote:

Local and general elections 2010

Once you have the name, with a little search on google, facebook, twitter and 123people, you should be able to acquire some background information.  If you can’t find them online, they don’t deserve your vote.

My own advice is simple.  Do not vote for the Establishment, even if it means spoiling your ballot with a lovely drawing of Gordon, Clegg and Cameron in compromising positions, for the smaller the mandate, the more just all-out revolution will be, heads on sticks ‘n’ all.

Joking (or fantasizing aside), if you can vote Nationalist, do so, for we need a Patriotic team to counter the agenda propagated by the Globalist Subversives currently infesting our Nation’s Institutions.  Failing that, vote for an independent candidate.

For if the Nationalists are truly as useless as the Establishment propagates, it won’t matter as it’ll just mean the EU will continue their takeover except at a slower pace.  And if your independent ends up corrupted, at least they won’t have an entire gang to help conceal it.

Family, Kinship and Ancestral Homeland.  Are they not worthy of protection?

Britain cannot continue to suffer under the protection of those who profit from our woes.

Vote the same, get the same so whatever you do, please don’t encourage the Houses of Swine class of the last sixty years!




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3 05 2010


Please have a look at this video and if you like it, embed it!

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