GE10 | Polling day

5 05 2010

Today is the day that we cast our ballots.  Five long years we have waited for this.  Remember the lies, the wars, the immigration, the eunification, the disregard for civil liberties, the billions and billions of pounds frittered away in your name…  Remember that since 1945 the common man and woman have been granted the right to vote…  And since 1945 the Powers that Be have conspired to keep us divided.

The Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat Party’s  all dance to the European piper’s tune.  A vote for them, is a vote for the EU.

Sadly, I have no BNP candidate standing in my ward so will probably vote for Patricia Knox and Phil Bale or failing that, I’ll be spending a good fifteen minutes spoiling my ballot with a beautifully crafted picture  imagining a hog-tied Harman, a donkey with a ‘fifth’ leg and twelve Congolese midgets with oversized lips in homage to Tin Tin.

Best of luck to the Nationalists of the




2 responses

6 05 2010

I’ve cast my ballot. It left a somewhat bitter taste in my mouth, for as in your case there was no BNP candidate. No English Democrat. No UKIP even. However, I held my nose and voted for a genuinely outspoken Eurosceptic whose performance I have carefully monitored over the past few years. The best of a bad bunch.

6 05 2010

I have a BNP candidate to vote for and we do have a record 338 candidates up and down the country as well as over 750 council candidates. Hope to be reporting some very good results tonight.

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