EUSSR | Collectivism

6 05 2010

Communism, collectivism, socialism and marxism rely on a large State power base redistributing wealth from the successful to the enforcers along with the fickle and idle.

Now, considering that meritocracy has been replaced by needism, those who worked hard to achieve their property were not about to gamble it all for some pipe dream utopian idea.

YES, there is injustice in the world caused by Outright Capitalism, especially in this day and age where a war can cost a million lives yet make a trillion dollars, BUT surrendering all ownership to One Authority and trusting it not to become SELF-SERVING is foolish thinking to the extreme.

No matter who I vote for, it won’t matter.  The sun will still rise as usual on May 7th.  The birds will continue to sing.

Brown is certain to lose with Cameron making gains while the Liberal Democrats will probably be best rewarded, thanks to Labour’s gerrymandering ways and the mismanagement of social fallout that resulted from said practices.

Yet all are no more than EU Stooge Fronts.  Use your vote wisely today for your nation is counting on you.

And when you do, remember we will not be free until we leave the neo-fascist European Union.   Only a vote for those who explicitly back a referendum on, or better still, complete withdrawal from the Eunification Project, shall do, for until then we will remain nothing more than an EU province.




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