Camberwell and Peckham | The Good (Analysis), the Bad (Result) and the Ugly (Conclusion)

7 05 2010

Seeing all those Labour dependents last night voting sank my heart.  People who do not work, should not be allowed vote.  People who were born in another country, should not be allowed vote.  People who cannot spell Britain, should not be allowed vote.

In fact, I would say that the electorate should have to pay a nominal fee to vote.  Not some outrageous amount but something like £2.50 – and for three reasons.  First to make sure that those taking part are willing to put their money where there mouth is.  The second, it would discourage organised voter fraud due to extra cost.  Lastly, it would need the presence of the Police on site due to financial concerns that would also deter fraud, intimidation and any other act that offends democracy.

Enough of the raving.  A reminder of the rotten boroughs of Camberwell and Peckham with the help of UKPollingReport:

Boundary changes: Previously undersized, Camberwell and Peckham gains parts of Faraday and Livesey wards from Southwark North and Bermondsey and South Camberwell and parts of Peckham Rye and The Lane wards from Dulwich and West Norwood.

Profile: Covers Peckham, Peckham Rye, Camberwell and Nunhead. This is one of the most poverty striken and deprived constituencies in the country. It has the highest proportion of afro-carribean residents of any constituency in the country and the highest proportion of social housing of any seat, with almost 6 in 10 homes rented from the council or a housing association.

Only Fools and Horses was never actually filmed in Peckham, but it continues to be the public`s perception of Peckham, and its reputation for desperate crime ridden sink estates was, in the past at least, not inaccurate. This is where Damilola Taylor was murdered in 2000 and, while the worst of the concrete estates (including the North Peckham Estate where Damilola Taylor died) have been demolished in recent years as part of massive regeneration projects, with more planned in coming years, the area continues to suffer from problems of high crime and gang violence.

This is one of Labour`s safest seats in the South of England and, while there is some gentrification in South Peckham, and pockets of Conservative support in the large Georgian houses in places like Camberwell Grove, there is presently no possibility of that dominance being challenged.

And it never hurst to remind all of the ethnicity in my borough according to the 2001 census:

  • Black African – 35.67%
  • White British – 25.73%
  • Black Caribbean – 15.45%
  • Other White – 4.58%
  • Other Black – 3.58%
  • Chinese – 3.51%
  • Other Asian – 2.14%
  • White Irish – 1.93%
  • Mixed White-Black Caribbean – 1.86%
  • Bangladeshi – 1.25%
  • Other Mixed – 1.17%
  • Mixed White-Black African – 1.08%
  • Indian – 0.69%
  • Other South Asian – 0.68%
  • Mixed White-South Asian – 0.35%
  • Pakistani – 0.33%

This year’s result is as follows:

Harriet Harman (Labour) – 27,619

Columba Blango (Lib Dem) – 10,432

Andy Stranack (Con) – 6,080

Jenny Jones (Green) – 1,361

Yohara Robby (Eng Dem) – 435

Joshua Ogunleye (WRP) – 211

Margaret Sharkey (SLP) – 184

Decima Francis (Ind) – 93

Steve Robbins (Ind) – 87

Patricia Knox (Ind) – 82

Jill Mountford (AWL) – 75

Maj: 17,187

Turnout: 59.3%

The conclusion is:

Seeing as the total votes for the lunatic socialists equaled that of the English Democrat, can only say that the once proud area of Southwark has a boil on it’s arse.  In other words:

If that is the plan, Peckham is doomed to become a shanty town so I’m outta here.

My family should have packed up years ago and left this rotten borough to the gerrymandering council, whose policy of pack em in and pack em high has meant tensions were bound to happen, no matter what the colour or creed.  Place has gone down hill ever since the Beeb based ‘Only Fools’ here.  I’m convinced the Beeboids gave that show to Nairobi TV to further encourage the Voodlisation of my beloved Peckham.

Thing is, I wouldn’t have minded the cultural enrichment if there was an overall economical benefit attached, but there wasn’t.  It has only been cost, cost and more cost, be it a financial burden or the accompanying social crap.  The only benefit I have seen are the ones picked up by the State’s dependents.

And we’re supposed to be thankful for the vibrant multicultural community that has replaced what was once English.  How is this multinational grouping of opposing teams suppose to work?




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