Blighty | And what a blight it is

10 05 2010

Seems like the people of Britain, well, those that weren’t denied their democratic right that is, have once again pinned their hopes of a familiar Establishment figure.

Over twenty million of us choose the Establishment.  After all the lies, thieving and warring, the electorate still choose them!  There were more minority parties out there than at any other time yet our brethren behaved like turkeys and voted for Christmas.

Even now, after the turd world election shambles, the Establishment are conspiring against the British People, treating this entire episode as a game of high end poker.  We did not vote for this, some of us just voted where the personalised polling card told us to, some were coerced by the media, others cos “Labour won’t take away my benefits, init”.  Another reason why democracy shouldn’t be for all, vested interests and all.

Not only are we expected to hum along to the political melody, we are also threatened with the wardrums of the Unions in regards to cutbacks. When did the Mafia takeover negotiations?

If people get the government they deserve, then Britain must be full of liars, cheats, scroungers, psychopaths, sexcases and egomaniacs who’d do anything for a little bit of attention.

And from what I have witnessed myself, that is a pretty apt description.  Not telling you which one I possess though.

PS:  I make no apology for linking to the sensationalist newspolluter, for at this moment in time, I could do with the rage.




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