Immigration | Cane toad of Oz

10 05 2010

I was lucky enough to have visited Australia back in 1992 and what a wonderful place it is.  I was staying at Surfer’s Paradise on the Gold Coast about 80 miles north from Brisbane in Queensland (the tourist area) and also had a weekend in Sydney (the city, not a man) in New South Wales (just like London except cleaner and warmer).

The hotel in Queensland was just a few streets away from the one that Nigel Mansell stayed in during the Australian Grand Prix (couldn’t afford that suite though but ours was next-door to the beach though and had a sauna – don’t know why they thought the need for that).

Theme parks, pristine beaches and that blistering heat make for the perfect getaway even though it does take 15 hours getting there.  Sydney was just like London and reminded me how much I missed this old city of my forebears.  I used to dream of emigrating to Australia but seeing as pie, mash and liqueur isn’t a speciality out there along with Australia’s deadly wildlife, my dreams have subsided somewhat over the years.

Even back in the 90s the Australian government were debating how best to solve the Cane Toad population.  An imported species brought in to tackle crop pests, it has now become so successful that the pest-controller has become the pest.  Poisonous to the rest of the creatures meant it had no natural predator and with the breeding capabilities of 30,000 eggs a time females, the exponential growth (thanks Sir Morgan) has meant that entire areas can become saturated with the toads in a matter of weeks.

And after trying everything from traps to full-blown Vietnam-style culling (even playing cricket with the critters), the Australians may have at last found a way of controlling the buggers.  All thanks to catfood and ants.

What has cane toads got to do with Immigration?

Firstly, due to the fact that their importation in 1935 was ill-thought out and has resulted in the displacement of native species.  Like our Establishment who from 1948 embarked on a mass importation of workers with just as much foresight.

Secondly, the benefits espoused by the Government at the time were taken on board without a second-thought to the native species, instead focusing on short-term economic growth.  Similar to how our Establishment deem native Britons expendable.

Thirdly, I am not saying that all foreigners are lesser beings than myself or the British in general, we’re just different.  And seeing as we are different, we should only take on those who wish to become us, not import entire new species who have the least intention of ‘fitting in’.

And on a final note, I am not suggesting we ‘eat’ the immigrants or even set the ants on them.  We need to stop the various enticements and all too familiar appeasement that comes with it, that is all.

Importantly, both were deemed the best ideas since slice bread yet left unchecked due to a lack of interest have become problems for the rest of the ecosystem.  Like cane toads, those who come to Britain are usually prolific breeders.  Also like cane toads, the reason for their importation is to fill in the jobs us stoopid lazy chavs won’t do (according to Labour’s public statements, although their private ones differ somewhat).

The Establishment cite that immigration is a natural process.  Sneaking in the back of a lorry trying to circumnavigate the Border Authorities is not natural.  Flying halfway around the world on a Boeing 747 then presenting yourself for asylum perverting International Law is not natural.  accommodating 192 base cultures is not natural.

And even if it is, so is sea erosion.  Doesn’t stop us from building sandbarriers to fight the tide there so if migrational waves of peoples is a natural process, it cannot be offensive to ‘fight that tide’.  To not do so would be foolish.

The people make the nation, not the other way round.




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22 06 2010

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