Southwark | Legacy of Labour

12 05 2010

Since 1997 my beloved borough has lost 110 pubs.  In the Southwark News they write “increases in beer tax, the smoking ban and the recession have seen a third of the boozers in the borough close down during the period, the statistics from the Valuation Office Agency have disclosed.”

No mention of the cultural enrichment that NuBritons have brought to the borough.  Couldn’t be that most Africans only ever visited the pub to watch Sky Sports and even then, only purchased a lemonade.  Nor could it be that most TruBritons have been priced out of the job market with ever-decreasing wages and so cannot afford a pint and have to make do with 6 for 5 offers from the Off-Licence.

Run.  Piss-up.  Brewery.  The fools that rule us can’t even handle that.

Thuck you very much Labour.

For full story: Southwark. More pubs closed here than the rest of England




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