BBC | Blowing your own trumpet

13 05 2010

The Head Beeboid Mark Thompson is harping on about some research commissioned by the BBC in finding out worldwide attitudes to our national broadcaster are higher than the Queen, Armed Forces and even UK Government Foreign Aid.  Could it be that BBC Worldwide is on TV, 24hrs a day, seven days a week making it more prominent?

Only place they’ll see the Queen and Armed Forces is on said TV.  If they’re lucky that is.  And unless they so happen to be starving, aid is the furthest thing on the couch potatoes’ mind flicking from MTV to BBC News Worldwide.

Sadly, didn’t even find this on Auntie’s Beeb site but done as a press release in the Guardian while the Daily Mail at least are a little more inquisitive, citing “the World Service is effectively paid for by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office“.  If that’s true, oh what fun they have in Whitehall.

Another shocking statistic, if true, is from an article in the Telegraph regarding the Beeboid’s enforcement actions;  “Perhaps the most extraordinary thing I have discovered over the past 20 months is the vast tide of small-scale human misery which the licence fee causes. In 2008-09, there were 168,800 prosecutions for licence-fee evasion. That is nearly 15 per cent of all prosecutions. Almost all the people charged are poor. The telly is one of their few pleasures, and they tend not to watch the BBC on it. And yet, for want of £142.50, tens of thousands clog up the courts every year“.

The Law is an ass.  The Beeb is an ass.  And anyone who is supporting them is an ass by association.




One response

14 05 2010

More attempts to manipulate public opinion. Just when the Foriegn Office has decided to cut funding of the BBC radio World Service and BBC World, to the point of making them virtually impossible to operate.

Until a few days ago I never even knew that the foriegn office funded these anti-British channels. But, hey, what else have we come to expect from our traitorous civil servants.

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