World Cup 2018 | Beckham’s bid

14 05 2010

Am I alone in thinking that having Beckham as a spokesman is a bad thing?  The geezer may be an angel with a football but his accent is more Boyzone than Football.  If we must, surely the FA could have gotten the man some elocution lessons, and a scriptwriter wouldn’t go a miss either.

Back to the point, the FA had England’s most prized possession hand-deliver the 2,000 page document detailing the bid for the 2018 World Cup with our man David Beckham ruining it by opening his mouth and sprouting the obvious.

All he had to say was that England would be honoured to host the World Cup once more and that we’re knee-deep in ingredients for a great tournament.  That is it.  None of that pleading nonsense and definitely should have left the “every footballer” part out of it…  most of my old pals would love to play footie for a non-league side, let alone in a World Cup, suppose the same will be said for everyone who dreamed of being a pro-footballer.

For my American cousin.




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