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18 05 2010

Has Nero returned from the dead and directing a  campaign of hate against the Christians again, this time in Blighty?  Or could it be our NuBritons showing their gratitude at our hospitality?  Or worse yet, future Labour voters!

First I read about the teen vandals in Blackburn who desecrated a Cathedral and coming to attention for all the wrong reasons (‘Magistrate axed for calling teenage vandals ‘absolute scum’ hits out at demotion‘) but now, across the border in not-so-bonnie Scotland, am directed to another tale of Christian persecution.

If I was a judge I would face reprimand for the following opinion yet I’m just a normal member of the public and I think that the perpetrators who committed these sickening crimes are nothing more than SCUM.

Church vandals break arm from crucifix

Friday, 14 May 2010 16:25 UK

Vandals have torn the right arm from a figure of Christ on the cross outside a Catholic Church.

Human excrement was also smeared on the doorstep of St Mary’s RC Church in Stirling some time between 0900 BST on Thursday and Friday morning.

The damage to the outdoor crucifix was spotted by a boy who had gone to the church with his grandfather.

The Austrian-made crucifix has been in the same position outside the 105 year-old church for 60 years…

Absolute scum.  All thanks to the cultural marxist revolution voted in time and again by you.  Twenty bloody million.

Being brought up CoE, I do forgive.  Alas, I do not forget and thanks to the wonders of technology, have a photolog of all those I wish to destroy.  Hope you can be Christian enough to forgive me.

To NSA, CIA, MI6, Stasi, Leftard, Press Hack and every other shady organisation (yes, you google) or weirdos (yes, you spammers) that have the misfortune of reading these posts – Most contain anger scribbled down in the hope of averting a natural disaster – that disaster being me losing the last of my remaining marbles.  It also has layers of satire with dollops of jokes and should not be taken at face value.  If you do spend a penny, cent or magic bean in pursuing myself as a ‘threat’, I will see to it that you are sacked for incompetence. And if I can get away with it, sexual harassment to boot.




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