Blighted | Seven-figure Streets

18 05 2010

According to the Daily Wail, streets with properties worth a million plus have risen from 322 in 2000 to a whopping 1,995 streets today.

Couldn’t be the large mass financial fraud performed by the Shysters of the Banking World could it creating more ‘millionaires’?  Or the Government’s insistence of offering perks to foreign billionaires to come here once again pushing up the prices?  Or could it be just simple mathematics with ever-increasing numbers competing for ever-decreasing resources?

No sweat of my nose though considering that I can’t even afford a caravan, let alone a drum on millionaire’s row.




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18 05 2010

Jack, did you know that the EDL site has been taken out? Read about it at the ICLA site:

18 05 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Shocking but the sign of the times – whatever the tyrants of old did, the new ones can do ‘better’ (for them, worse for us of course).


Dugg that Civil Liberties post:

Bloody took me 15 minutes to try and comment – bloody machines and early mornings DO NOT go together.

Be lucky D.

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