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23 05 2010

Once again the Government finds itself in shit creek and once again, look to balance the books by selling our rights.  This time, it is the right to travel.

Before the election there was talk regarding Rothschild’s plan to charge every Briton for the use of motorways, motorways that are already paid for by our collective taxes.

Vince Cable of the Condem Coalition has no “ideological opposition” towards this idea and so we shall probably see this in the next two years.

Well Mr Cable, I have.

If I wish to get to work, I have the choice of a 15min 381 bus ride or a 25min walk.  That is it.  Either I hand over my money to a Government sanctioned monopoly to spare me ten minutes of my life or I use my legs and get to ponder the inequalities of life.  And as I’m not keen on the body odour of fellow Africans in Peckham and am partial to a ponder, I walk.

Also Mr Cable, ever heard of ‘pass the buck’?  An American term that means whenever there is a problem, there is always someone else to blame.  This is a wider scale version of that.  Corporations put the prices up which Government pleads it is powerless to stop, yet said Government still more than willing to take their cut in VAT and Corporate Tax.

And the biggest gripe I have regarding this is the simple matter that selling our assets is not the way out of a hole.  Our collective wealth paid for those motorways and now, due to Government incompetence, our current Government is pursuing with a plan inspired by the money-making machine that is the Rothschild Dynasty now want us to pay for the privilege again.

The day mushroom clouds rise from Earth is the day I’ll be happy.  Reason being, we don’t deserve compassion or understanding, how the heck can we understand those who vote for their continual slavery?  It is you degenerates that voted for the Establishment who are the ones to blame.

I can’t blame the corrupt politicians cos twenty-million sods put them there.

I can’t blame the banking dynasties for it is in their nature to squeeze every penny.

I can’t blame NuBritons for they know no better and only seek a better life than the one they had before.

No, I blame each and every one of the twenty odd million who voted Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats.  I’d rather have lived under a Socialists Workers Government for at least they have principles.  The current scum that pass themselves off as honourable with the help of the deluded electorate have no morals, let alone principles.




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23 05 2010
Goodnight Vienna

Jack, all this was well in hand before the election. Months ago the EU came up with a new scheme – holidays for all, funded by taxes. I did blog about it but it’s lost in the mists of time now. It’s all about control – give with one hand but take more with the other aka Hegel. They’ve been doing it for years.

You’re right about the Lib/Lab/Con con but something is wrong with the BNP and it isn’t all down to a media filter and it isn’t all down to the fptp voting system. Some of the BNP’s followers are, let’s put it bluntly, thugs; some of its candidates don’t know what to do for their constituents when they are voted in at local elections; there’s something about Nick Griffin that people don’t trust.

The Party needs to take stock after the GE and try to find out why it did so poorly. I have to admit, I was surprised – I thought more voters would see through the media disinformation.

23 05 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

So many schemes it is kinda hard to keep track of the Eurocrats, and whenever Rothschild is about, you know it will cost us.

And we’re all thugs at heart, most just don’t know it yet.

The BNP did badly due to the fact that the entire political and media institutions financed a concerted third-party campaign against them. That and the British people are thick as shit. And I mean that for how else can so many buy so much bullcrap.

23 05 2010

The Britsh people are not voting BNP en masse yet.But the share of the vote was up this time, the second highest behind the Tories. This GE is more significant in terms of power than last years European elections so more voters came out to back the BNP.There should be a gradual increase in support and Nationalism thrives when there is poverty, which is on it’s way. We can’t force events but when things change, they happen overnight.

24 05 2010
Sir Henry Morgan

“We can’t force events but when things change, they happen overnight.”

Yes Dave – like I keep telling my fellow BNP people here in Wigan – all we really have to do is make sure all voters know WE’RE HERE. That’s all, nothing else in particular. So that when they finally feel the need for real change (economic crash will do that), they’ll know we’re here for them to vote for.

We did really well in Wigan. Increased our vote from 7500 last year over the whole borough, to 9100 across just 3/4 of the borough. And all three of our general election candidates got their deposits back.

And this has been a NewLayabout-controlled borough since 1906. The future’s bright. The future’s red white and blue.

24 05 2010

It’s really the 2015 General Election that will count. The economy will have fallen to pieces by then. LibLabCon will be seen by most people as one big party who insist on letting the third world in. That’s the best thing about these social democrat types, they don’t want to be seen as racist.

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