Millwall | Off to Wembley

28 05 2010

I’m off to the home of football this Saturday to cheer on the mighty Lions of South London in their attempt to enter the Championship League next season.  For my American cousin, that is one division down from the Premier League.

My advice to those who live in the surrounding areas is to vacate the place, for wherever a pack of Lions appears, trouble soon follows.  Especially when I’m inebriated for which I will apologise in advance.

I went last year when we failed to achieve promotion losing 3 – 2 to Scunthorpe.  The bastards!  So fingers crossed we’ll be able to overcome Swindon this time round.

So blogging will be light if at all.  Got a pre-match BBQ tonight, early start tomorrow for the pilgrimage and then hopefully be nursing a victory hangover for the rest of this glorious Bank Holiday weekend.

Whatever you do, do it well.




4 responses

28 05 2010

Hope to see you at Elland Rd next season.

1 06 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Happy days, we’ll be there. Cannot wait, finally back in the Championship and with more than a few tasty matches to look forward to.

28 05 2010
John OK

I’ll be at Wembley again so lets hope we get a better result than we did last season. I wouldn’t mind Morison scoring one like Alexander did against Scunthorpe, then again a winning goal off his backside would do for me. Going with 10 members of the family with the others watching it on Sky. Good luck to the Lions and hope we all have a great time.

1 06 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Finally did it, and what a game too, thought the ref would never blow up. For all the hassle getting there and back it was worth every moment.

My face hurts from all the smiling I’ve done since Saturday. My throat ain’t too clever either but who cares, we’re in the Championship once more and even better, Palace are still in business (for now) – always enjoyed those derbies as I get to rib my Palace mates ;p

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