Alcohol | The evolution

31 05 2010

As man advanced, so did his forms of escapism, liquor being a prime example of achievement. Before our mastery over the process, our ancestors only escape from the hardship of life were funny looking tomatoes or bad meat.

From the simplest of methods of mixing sugar and yeast along with more complicate concoctions like Absinthe, to the market-domineering practices of the Corporate mass production of Wife-Beaters, alcohol has been an ever-present companion throughout humanity’s journey.

Yet alas, for the relaxation bearing lubricant has had more than her fair share of detractors, usually from the do-gooders who point at the worst examples of the ‘afflicted’ in the hope of scaring the rest into a more sobering position.

It isn’t drink and drugs that hurts people, it is stupidity.  Everyday, millions upon millions will take risks for the most mundane reasons, and 99 times out of 100, nothing will come of it.  But…

Yet when that ONE time does happen, the gates of Government-sponsored ‘Heaven’ opens up for the angelic armies of righteous to preach about the dangers of our collective ways.

District Judge Alan Berg is one of them.

Alcohol-fuelled violence is plague of Britain, says judge after jailing ‘drunken barbarian’ female student

By Liz Hull, Daily Wail.  Last updated at 1:59 AM on 28th May 2010


“People who live empty lives fill that void by consuming copious amounts of alcohol to a point where they become violent, they become aggressive. They behave in an unacceptable, anti-social way. There is a disease in my view – it has become a plague.

Particularly on Friday and Saturday night, young people go out with the sole purpose of getting hopelessly drunk.

If they can’t remember what they’ve done for the last 24 hours, then they’ve had a good night out.

I don’t see why ordinary decent people should be deprived of the pleasure of walking safely without feeling intimidated, without having to witness raucous behaviour, alcohol-fuelled yobs at night time in city centres.

I don’t see why ordinary people should have to witness violence, should have to step over prone bodies lying on the floor unconscious, or have to slip on vomit. It is a sad state of affairs.

There is this ladette culture which creates these problems, there is a culture among a certain sector of female society of drinking until they are senseless.”

A brick can help build a home or be used to smash the living daylights out of some poor sod.  If someone throws a brick at me, I don’t blame the brick for knocking three bells out of me, I blame the one who threw it.  The most important lesson for others to take from this episode is to learn your limit.  No need to badger every sod with a pair of ears, just harsh sentences for those who lose control to deter others from being so irresponsible.

I swear, one day we shall all be given ration books with daily tokens.  For our own good you see.




2 responses

31 05 2010
Silly Kuffar

You make an interesting point in regard to Ration Books. They may not be too far off.

1 06 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Nothing would surprise me in this life. Would still annoy the heck out of me though.

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