Technology | ‘Ghost in the Shell’ today

31 05 2010

Those who haven’t seen the Manga cartoon comic and movie ‘Ghost in the Shell‘, before reading any further, check out the link provided.  Thank you and now I shall begin.

A British scientist has claimed to be the first to have been infected with a computer virus.  Now, before you think this man has been having relations with one of those Japanese robotic maids, think again, for this tech-geek’s infection is a lot more scientifically mundane than that.

Dr Mark Gasson programmed the microchip, similar to those used to “tag” pets, to remotely open his lab’s security doors and unlock his mobile phone before having it inserted under his skin.

But he also infected the implant with a virus, to prove it could be transferred as the chip and the security system wirelessly exchanged electronic data.

The virus could then have been passed on to other devices interacting with the control system, such as colleagues’ swipe cards, in the same way viruses are able to spread across computer networks.

The results raise the possibility that in the future, increasingly advanced medical devices such as pacemakers and inner ear implants could become vulnerable to cyber attacks from other human implants.

The world we live in gets more complicated everyday.

Glad the geeks are thinking ahead though, fail to prepare and all that.




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