Prezza Express | Hypocritical MP to become hypocritical Lord

1 06 2010

The dishonourable swine who wears a red rosette John Prescott has decided to accept the Government sanctioned-by-tradition invite to the House of Lords, once again confirming the status of Parliamentarians as hypocritical.  As if it needed any confirming.

Simply put, this is another deMOCKratic piss-taking exercise.

Once an hypocritical stooge, always an hypocritical stooge.

For more, visit the Daily Wail who are just as outraged as usual.  ‘Save the planet’ my arse Pieman, you just thinking of the perks.  The chicks love a bit of power, cos it cannot be your cocktail-sausage of a wiener that pulled Tracey Temple.

Wonder what MI6 has on Prescott for him to be such a valuable asset.  Apart from being a very useful idiot of course.




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