G20 | Dear Kim

2 06 2010

Seeing as the Republic of South Korea are playing host to the upcoming G20 meet, thought I’d give the Dear Leader oop north from there a heads’ up plus some possible ideas.  God forbid anything bad happening to the World’s finance leaders but shit happens, and I cannot think of more deserving folk than the psychotic suits that have shat upon us.

The boardroom with all the financial cogs shall be in the port city of Busan, which sadly lies the furthest away from the border.  Also, the waters surrounding the vicinity shall be teeming with navies from around the world.

One thing the Asiatic world does well though is subversion.  That and Kung Fu of course.  So, my bets are on some Super Commie Secret Agent anointed by the Dear Leader himself has slipped into the serving staff and we get to witness a ‘mouse beats cat’ moment in history, hopefully as entertaining as the last sword-play scene in Kill Bill (18cert).

Of course, if anything did happen, the land from the 38th parallel up to the Chinese border would play host to every fatman and bunker-buster known to the Devil.  So the reality is the only harm suffered by the Men in Suits will be indigestion from $700 live lobster washed down with $7,000 plonk.

Still, fingers crossed that the money-men who make a killing out of war get to see the horrors of their ways first hand. Who knows, they may this time get to experience their handiwork firsthand.




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