Israeli Fallout | Hasan Nowarah

2 06 2010

Over a hundred and twenty failed peace activists have been released, and I say failed as they have achieved the complete opposite of what they intended.  Saying that, only one British National was released with many claiming that they had either left or destroyed their travel documentation.

Mr Nowarah was released due to injury sustained in the badly planned, badly executed military assault upon the flotilla.  Now back in the safety of Her Majesty’s Islands, proceeds to tell all and sundry of the ‘orrible hospitality he received when trying to break another man’s barrier.

“We were completely swamped by soldiers.

They came alongside us in boats and as soon as they boarded our ship they started hitting us.

We were trying to push them back but they started shooting us with paintball guns. Some people were shot in the face.

The soldier retaliated by hitting me in the back with the butt of a rifle, which knocked me to the floor.

Then when I was down, he smacked my ankle with his gun. I’m in agony now and my leg is completely black from the bruising – I can’t walk.”

He pushed a soldier and is surprised that the soldiers retaliated.  Now my only experience of military men is one of admiring the training of professional soldiers, and considering said training, the last thing I would want to do is push them.

Brains of a rocking horse this one if he expected a more homely response from such an encounter.




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