Law | UK v EUSSR

2 06 2010

Another example of the law working against the citizen in the name of cost-efficiency.  Seems being a law-abiding citizen can be a pain in the arse if some of the laws can fling said arse out of your home, which thanks to our European Judges, has now been made legal.

Won’t be long before they auction your possessions in front of you…  damn possible even your organs will be up for sale, thankfully I’m more likely to be on the ‘need’ list with my vices.  Although that freaky doctor that did the live autopsy on Channel 4 a few years back might be interested in my cadaver.  Shiver the thought.

So, that is how the EU Law screws us, yet over the channel and far away, our EUSSR allies in the Hungarian parliament have passed a law allowing anyone who can ‘prove their Hungarian worth’ gets a free passport.  The UK Government’s mouthpiece denies this piece of foreign legalisation will have any effect on our own immigration level.

Now considering that holders of an EU passport are entitled to work wherever they bloody well like, I doubt our Government has the power to refuse entry to new holders.

One reason for the EU have giving the go-ahead to make room by moving Granny and Granddad on.




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