Dirty Harry | More women please

3 06 2010

The wicked witch of Peckham is at it again, proclaiming that she wants a 50/50 shadow cabinet.  So women, put down that washing, your country needs you!  No doubt a tenth needs to be from an ethnic background and I would say some would have to be gay but I’ve come to the conclusion that ALL parliamentarians are perverted to some extent.  How else could they continue to spit in our faces without so much as a whimper?

Anyhow, I somewhat feel dirty in agreeing with Miss Harman.  I hate Labour.  I’ve seen how their activists work, courting the downtrodden, helping with immigration claims, and worse of all, guiding the feeble-minded to the booths with specially designed logo-emblazed voting cards.

But considering that the best women Labour have produced have been herself, a total f**king disaster if ever there was one and Jackie Smith who shares the same description but a little less  in my eyes, which I simply put it down to distance.

Dianne Abbott is in the running and being the only woman and only ethnic minority MP to stand so far will put her in good stead.  And what a disaster she would be, if only I was a Labour member, I’d vote for her.  To see her lead Labour into the sewers would be Christmas, Eid and Hanukkah rolled into one.

Another visible mistress of the subversive Reds is Oona King.  This is another woman who has built a career out of being jew, black, mixed race, and oh shock horror, different from others.  “WHITE supremacy is so last century. These days it’s on-trend to be a mixed-race supremacist.

Either one of these would do.  And by God could they both do with the work.




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