Peckham | Another wasted life

4 06 2010

Shot in the head, dumped in a car and then set upon fire is not the way any of us envisage our end but sadly, another crime scene has been erected in my beloved Peckham due to such a cause.

Considering the amount of fuckwits round here though, we’re a long way off before they become an endangered stereotype.

The victim was 17 year-old Samuel Ogunro who was found by firefighters in Jowett Street.  This is near the canal walk and popular for joggers and crooks alike due to the many pathways out of them.

To think that hundreds of millions was spent on redoing Peckham yet no matter how many licks of paint She receives, it always encourages the wrong behaviour.

My sympathies are for the family left behind.  Sam’s so-called mates will shrug this off and move onto the next yewt.  For his kin who nurtured and cherished him though, nothing anyone can say or do will help them through this difficult period.




3 responses

12 07 2010

How messed up that this guy is gone forever, never to experience the wonderful aspects of life and to embrace the technology we are blessed with today and in the future, over what i can imagine to be pettiness.

20 07 2010

Rip Sam. And not all yewts will shrugg this off! U don’t know the place where Sam grew up or where he comes from or the friends he’s made. Stop damwell stereotyping youth you idiot. Gosh I hate adults for that! Sam will live on with us and will not be forgotten. You don’t know a dam thing about us so called yewt. Don’t judge us! You know nothing!!!

2 08 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

Hard not to stereotype when all the yewts want to be gangsta, is it fool?

And sadly, I know more than I’d like.

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