S**t-stirring Media | We’re all evil afterall

4 06 2010

No matter how much sensationalist or unpatriotic the bullcrap the Daily Wail produces, I will not evacuate their online version due to the fact that out of all the online news-polluters, I find the DM’s layout much more preferable than the rest.

Auntie Beeb gives you a choice of five other stories along with a dozen old ones about the one you just read.

Sky News is all funny blocks with the entire emphasis on video with a couple of paragraphs that takes 3 seconds to read which explains fully what the 3 minute clip intended.

The Telegraph is a funny old thing, even on the internet it is cumbersome to read, although I must admit, taught me a dozen fancy words, some even foreign!

And the guardian is so leftarded, every other story is about a gay lettuce.  Can’t be suffering that and usually only grace their pages if directed.

What I find special about the Daily Wail is the wide scope of stories highlighted.  If there is even a sprinkle of controversy involved, you can be sure as the nose on your face that the Murdoch News Wire will inform their sub-outlets of the s**t-stirring golddust found.  You could bet your whole damn face that the Daily Wail will pick it up, especially if most of the legwork has already been done.

Take the “Black man shot dead and his body dragged for ten miles in shocking U.S. killing” which was promoted in the sidebar simply as ‘White man arrested after black man is shot dead and then his body dragged for 10 miles‘.  Happened across the pond in America and yeah, it sure is a horrendous crime, but surely we have had enough bloodshed closer to home than what some British families who once holiday’d in South Carolina.

Of course, everyone knows that the Daily Wail calls anybody who is against immigration a ‘racist, fascist right-winger’ yet hardly any restraint is shown in their own propagation of “Immigrant on the run after murdering Belgian judge and legal assistant in courthouse in row over housing benefit“.

Anyone would think the Press want civil unrest the way they treat the news, using every opportunity to either praise or pour scorn upon the peoples.  In the end, another self-serving industry that needs news to survive, even if it is embeliished beyond belief.  Wouldn’t be much profit if things went right all the time, and a tool as powerful as mass media, well, no corporate giant would want to close down their biggest money-grabber.

And if the only solution is to transfer the Professional Hacks to the gossip columns, is that really a price worth paying?  Bad enough with the amount of Jordan now, couldn’t stomach anymore.  Although more of Kelly Brook wouldn’t go a miss, always had a thing for that little lady.  Still remember how she helped me up in the mornings when appearing on Channel 4’s Big Breakfast show.




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