Baron Peckham | Lord Harris

6 06 2010

Made a life-peer in 1996 with the fancy title Baron Harris of Peckham for his long-time service in the retail industry, namely being the CEO of Carpetright Plc.  That and his very large donations to the Conservatives.

I have no malice towards the guy though, he at least made his own money in the real world and with his work in Academies around Peckham and the South East, has done a lot more for the community than I have.  Although an improvement in the standard of education would be nice, even MacDonald’s are turning down school-leavers.

My only fault, and it is mine entirely, is that I’m extremely jealous of titled Peckhamites.  Still, much prefer to have the Carpet King as my Baron than David Ross.

Only reason I even brought up Lord Harris was due to reading Camilla Long’s hatchet piece about David Ross, CEO of the Carphone Warehouse group.  Also like the fact that a local boy made it to titledom.

What a pompous little git Mr Ross sounds.  This is the Tory donor who had a 5am scuffle with a Lithuanian call-girl but manages to brush it aside like some trivial matter.

First rule of life is:  Don’t s**t on your own doorstep.




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