Peckham | Cocaine playmat

6 06 2010

A local man from Peckham has been sentenced to nine years for attempting the importation of cocaine in a playmat, 1.6kg worth.  That is 1600 grams, then mixed with 1.6kg of a cutting agent would be 3200 grams, sold at £15 per half wrap (0.5g) brings a grand total of £96,000 – not exactly Tony Montana levels but a reason why the war on drugs are unwinnable.

Detective Inspector Brian Cleobury from the Drugs and Firearms team is happy with the result though:

“This investigation has prevented a large amount of cocaine from reaching the streets of Southwark, and disrupted a number of criminal gangs concerned in the supply of drugs who were awaiting its delivery.

Danny Chell now has a long time to consider the devastating effects that illegal drugs and drug dealers have on our community, the fact he used a child’s play mat beggars belief and shows how low criminals will stoop.

I hope this result shows those thinking of taking his place that police in Southwark are committed to bringing them to justice for the misery they cause”

On to the next opportunistic no-hoper who will try their luck.  And they will.  A chance to escape your own miserable existence with the threat of a nine years sentence or an eternity doing sweet FA and remaining in the slums?  What would you choose?

Nine years for importing £155k Cocaine in a child’s playmat – Southwark News (3rd June 2010)




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