US punt | Obama and McChrystal

26 06 2010

General McChrystal is a Special Forces commander.  He took over the operations in Afghanistan a while back overseeing the deployment of over 100,000 troops and a trillion dollars worth of kit.  Remember, Special Forces.

Rolling Stone, the magazine that is the new New Yorker it seems, were allowed to print this knowing full well of the political blowback it would cause?  Come on.  Special Forces, remember?

Nah, I just don’t buy it.  Iran and North Korea should be shitting themselves right now for no sane Government would allow something like this to happen by accident.

Yet if by small chance the Rolling Stone author got lucky and the sacking is real, it’d sure be shit to be you at the moment.  Doubt this Special Forces commander will have taken kindly to the demotion.




One response

26 06 2010

McChrystal met the president in the Oval Office last year and the meeting did not go well. Apparently the president was not very well briefed on who he was and McChrystal got the impression that the guy did not have a full understanding of military matters.

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