Islamophobia Central | On and on it goes

3 08 2010

The Tory grandee Warsi, the token baroness, is defending the right of Muslim women to wear the ‘burka’.  Now, look at that sentence, Muslim women, not all women, only Muslim women’s rights.

Haven’t I got the right to wear the burka?  In this politically-correct-every-attitude-is-right world, surely moi, as a born and bred Briton should have the right to adopt the burka too.  Would make my life a lot more easier here in Peckham.

Sure it is probably a slip of the tongue but remember, this baroness is paid a wage by ours’ truly.

In other news that is sure to put fuel on the Islamophobic bonfire of peace and love is the honour killings gone wrong case.  A couple who did not even know the perpetrators were murdered as they sleep when the gang set fire to their home in the early hours.

Found guilty and awaiting sentencing but there is only one solution for those who commit such atrocities, the noose.

If Britain was an actual human being with all the characteristics that come with it, She would be a retarded schizophrenic.




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