Southwark | No angel but…

3 08 2010

This story appeared a while back in my local paper.  If the Sun had gotten hold of it, no doubt the entire nation would have lent an ear (sic and you’ll know later).

A heart-wrenching story about a poor man facing deportation to Jamaica appears in the Southwark News, this poor man who if deported will be leaving his wifey and little girl.  This poor man who only ever wanted to provide and protect his family is currently languishing at vast expense in a a detention centre.

But, and here we have the clincher, even he admits he is no angel…  so how on earth does he think wifey crying that to the local press will help his case just shows that the Immigration Authorities should refuse him on the grounds of stupidity.

Considering this was a while back, I did try to find some more info but I guess he is still languishing at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  If only she had called the Sun he could have been a celebrity.

So why the heck hasn’t the Border Agency fast-track this self-admitted “no angel” out of here?  If I’m honest, I cannot be bothered.  There are perhaps ten-thousand of em in Peckham, that or I maths really are bad.




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