In Defence | Social Housing

11 08 2010

Everyone likes to bash the Social Housing provided by the Council, some are against the very idea of it, others don’t like the dampness caused by idiotic neighbours who don’t know that washing machines not only take water in but also dishes it out.  Personally, I grew up as a Council tenant and once, I would have said I was proud and hopeful of carrying on the tradition.

For two reasons.

Firstly, to pay money to the Local Council instead of some private landlord has the benefit of being public knowledge.  At least I can be outraged when I find out that Southwark Council are renting offices on Tooley Street owned by HSBC to the tune of £5m per year.  Haven’t even mentioned the fact the lease is for five years.  £25m for offices.  Now, if I was paying it to some private landlord, how would I know if he was blowing all my cash on coke and whores?  Sure it might not be my business what he does with his money but him having a good time doesn’t keep ‘my’ area nice, does it?

Secondly, it’s cheaper and safer dealing with an accountable Council than it is with a wandering landlord.  If Southwark Council wish to force their way into my home, they need to get a Court to issue a warrant, no easy feat unless Old Bill are involved.  Yet all our private landlord needs to do is wait till we go work and use his/her spare key.

Now why I used to be proud and hopeful.

The pride once felt for the community spirit died when my community died.  Employment worries and the enrichment process took its toll.  Both aided and abetted by a system of alienation supported and enforced by my very own Government.

And how can I, as a White Male Briton (WMB), ever compete with some pregnant African Zulu princess with a sob story full of oppression and despair for a chance at having my own gaff?  I can’t.  Unless I go to drastic lengths like jail or the loonybin, and no Council house would be worth that.  Well, perhaps the one those Somalis got but that isn’t a guarantee.  So that is my lack of hope explained.

Personally, I just think this is a British ‘Government’, which remember, is the Country for the time being, wanting to shake off more of Her responsibilities.  “Passing the buck” is the American term for it.  Now before you try to sink my battleship, it is the duty of a nation’s government to address the needs of Her inhabitants.  Basic needs first and foremost, food, water and shelter.  That is it.

Now of course, with the willy-washing brigade of do-gooders getting involved, flatscreen TVs and iCrap has been thrown into the mix, leaving a stale taste for those who perceives themselves holding the bill.  But to deny the poorest Britons, most where they are not through a lack of trying but a lack of podium positions available, access to affordable and clean housing is exactly the reason for Council Housing.

Hundred odd years ago, Londoners especially, lived in the most squalid conditions known to man.  Chorea, pox and other nasties infested the overcrowded rooms that made a home then.  These conditions shocked many good souls, motivating people like Lord Peabody to throw his weight behind a social housing project, with the simple goal of improving the standard of living of their fellow kin.

Before that and the reason for the shocking housing conditions provided was the great influx into the cities.  Once again, this was down to the Landed Gentry transporting their pleb workers from the mlls and fields in their country estates to their toxic factories into borough council built estates.  More economical to keep the work, thus workforce, in one place.

Jumping back to today, our kin having been sidelined by the British piss-takers along with those needier NuBritons who wash up on our shores, the resentment against subsidised housing has probably grown sufficiently enough that soon all Britons, even the newer ones will suffer.  Of course with more and more machines and more and more cheap turd worlders, there is less and less need ungrateful natives to man the posts.

Alas, once the Government wipes Her hands clean of housing, do you honestly think that the ‘private sector’ will give a hoot about ‘affordable housing’, ‘community’ or even continuing local improvements?  More bloody likely we have a return to Oliver Twist!

Still pessimistic, still got a toothache, still hard grafting at work… etc etc




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