Benefit Cheats | Mmm, report them you say

12 08 2010

Why the heck bother?  Out of 300-odd greedy MPs, some even re-elected after the fact showing the delusional shite we have for compatriots, only a handful have been brought before the Courts.  So why the feck should I care where any of the tax pot ends up.  No matter what saving is made, I’m sure the ConDem coalition will be able to find something green or foreign to spend the cash on and our cost of living will continue to rise.

So again, why should anybody be bothered about what Mr Jones and Miss Fuller claiming extra or Mr Scott playing the disability card?  I reckon the only solution to our collective anguish at such behaviour is simply to join them.  After all, can always plead guilty if caught and get some soft community sentence.  And if you milk out the case to go before the beak in spring, could end up working in the glorious sunshine.  Picking up rubbish in the sun is better than picking up rubbish in the rain.

Plus, with the Equality Mantra our government love to propagate, surely what THEY get, WE can get?  Where is the fairness otherwise?

Also, imagine the chaos it would cause if EVERYONE put a claim in.  Surely it would never happen but that would be the only way to destroy, and I mean literally destroy the Welfare State, the Law Racket and the Police Service in one foul swoop.

The State tools that infest the Benefit Office would drown under the work, the Lawyers and Investigators too would be at a lost as to where to start.  Considering the average arrest, interview and bailing takes a few hours at least, multiply that by 25 million and not even with the Army drafted in would our Thick Blue Line manage it!  I dread to think of the lacklustre lawjockeys who will have to file this order, sign that authorisation, blah blah blah…

I’m just not that fussed about those who live the life of Riley at ‘taxpayer’s expense’.  To be honest, I envy them.  For if you work, you are forced to hand-over a fifth of what you earn towards the corrupted Government, while if you don’t, that same corrupted Government will pay you!  And let’s face it, with less and less disposable income from our wages, why bother working if the best you can get is £14k per year?

Self-respect?  No good if you’re knackered and living a hand-to-mouth existence.  Paying your dues?  Once more, not very satisfying when Government is keen on frittering the cash away.

Whoever invented work never did one damn day of it.




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12 08 2010
Silly Kuffar

Well stated JR jr.

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