No shame | Honour and Dignity-free

12 08 2010

Anything for a few dollars.  Absolutely anything.  Our political starlets will write tell all books, which are then promoted by the media who print them, which further encourages curiosity among the population, and before you know it, Peter Mangledbum, Cherie and Tone Blair and even Gormless Brown can aspire to do a Katie ‘Jordan’ Price kiss and tell all piece of literature.

All those poor trees.  Cut down and turned to pulp for the glossy pages of wisdom from our literary giants.  The Victorians had Dickens, we get  Davina McCall’s scribblings.

And people still wonder why books are on the wane.  Bad enough with fake celebs striking out in the literary market without our professional snake oil salesmen!

Every politician should have their ‘memoirs’ cemented like the Establishment does to those secret documents spelling out our impending doom.  For when we do find out, we’d be too bloody old to be be bothered!

To think, one of humanity’s greatest achievement was advanced communication.  Yet now, it is used to flog such twaddle.  How the mighty fall.

Worse of all, is the bleeding poxy frikking media promote this shite as an insight into the minds of the powerful.  For the love of God, Tony Blair, like every frikking PM before him, just like Bush and every president before him, are nothing more than the visible targets given to the general populace.  There is no way in Heaven or Earth that either Tone or Georgie could run a piss-up in a brewery, let alone a nation.  If the Establishment enlightened us on the truly powerful, we’d be reading about our ‘hidden’ rulers, not the ones propagated on TV tours of the Asian markets who are as fake as Katie ‘Jordan’ Price’s tits.

On a lighter note, I’m getting used to this toothache of mine.  Just hope I don’t go full sadist.  And if you’re wondering why I haven’t been to the dentist yet, it isn’t that I’m scared, it is because they’re useless.  Plus, I’m employed and I am not paying this Government a penny, especially when it involves a tooth extraction.  I can wait until I’m redundant then I can those platinum-coated titanium-filled dentures  that can bite steel on the NHS.




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