Time | Frikking relative really

12 08 2010

My timepiece says 5 past while yours says 5 to  – whose is correct?  Like the German said, it’s all relative.  If it’s home time, it’s 5 past, if it’s start time, it’s 5 to.

Now, Mecca Islaminutting Dr Who fans have built a massive clock, declaring all sorts of mumbo-jumbo saying that we should jump to Islamic time (I think the year is 1478) instead of using the usual maritime measurement of Greenwich Mean Time.

The problem is, considering change means $$$ signs, it is likely to happen.  Not as some sort of submission, although in the East it will be played that way (except the Far East, I think their years are 3,000+ so they will just carry on pissing themselves laughing).

Saying that, knowing our lying back-stabbing Government, they will probably phrase it in with new digital clocks, so not only will they know when you watch television, they can wake you with a reminder.

What I’ve always wondered, if any PhD merchants read this waffling, seeing as the Earth tilts a certain amount of degrees, and not only that, wobbles on Her axis (guess that is why sometimes you feel fat, probably wrong), then our daylight and nightmare patterns change slighty every few hours.  Meaning that surely it is possible that that is the reason for the strange, yet cited by the Controllers as “apocalyptic”, weather?

Of course, just throwing darts in the dark but that has always boggled me.  Along with how the heck would we know the exact timing of the Earth’s orbit without other markers?  Even the moon wobbles and judging by our little satellite’s scars, surely one of two of those massive craters moved Her placing.  Even considering that the stars have probably moved a million times, honestly, how do we know that the men with beards aren’t just bullshitting us?  Sure they give us pretty radio-pictures that are coloured in but whose to say they just didn’t employ BP artistry?

Checking the above for spelling, I think I just boggle too much.  So much to know with so little time to absorb it.  The real fallacy of the individual man (can’t make man without woman so no sexism please, stop complaining and who knows, I could propose to a council estate lass – doubt it though, most round here speak broken English).

See, even the local mutterings clouds the universal awe, and that is without trying to worry about London brings.  Feel a cold sweat forming already considering the degenerates I share the streets (apologies B, your the exception to the rule).

Back on topic, and did I mention that this Islamic timepiece will look the size of a ten pence piece?  It is 2,000ft high with the four clock faces 151ft in diameter.  A bloody ten pence piece in the sky!  If it wasn’t for the green LEDs calling them to pray, I doubt the residents would know what time it was looking at that sodding timepiece.  And with five calls to pray, would at least be accurate.

And some who know my mind, I wish to go forward, not backwards, so if we really do need to change our time, like the ConDem Cameron would like to convince the Scots, let us put the clock forward to Chinese time, everything Islam has done, we already know, the East though, they were recording their practices in words while we were eating each other.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not into raising the Chinese flag, I just appreciate a region that gave, and continue to give us so many great minds.  Shame most are named Han, Chin and Wan – makes identifying em quite bloody difficult.

Still, that is my three pence on the matter of time and relativity.  See, I enjoyed writing this waffle so the 15 minutes it took seemed like five, and what was meant to be the start of a post tomorrow, will now be published tonight.  I’ve finished my beer so now time for a bit of shut-eye before trotting to the grindhouse.

Thank the Lord for Friday.




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12 08 2010

The earliest known writing dates from shortly before 3000 BC, and is attributed to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia
Microsoft ® Encarta ® 2007. © 1993-2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
The Azilian script is 9,000 years old but is disputed as to whether it is writing. This is earlier than any other disputed writing system.


13 08 2010
Jack'd Ripp'd

I admit to a slight exaggeration but alas, feel that as China still exists, was the better example.

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