Jury Power | Protecting the Innocent

13 08 2010

Was listening to LBC (some leftarded radio show) yesterday, and heard the interesting argument against the Government’s practice of dishing out half-sentences to those who admit their guilt at the soonest instance, as opposed to making those who protest their innocence, even when convicted, serve their full terms.

Can’t remember most of it but the conversation was that this is simply a money-saving  scheme.  Lawyer told, quite rightly, that no matter what the cost, confidence must be seen in HM Courts.  Shame it is perverted by crooked lawyers but alas, rather a thorough examination of the evidence than a quick heave-ho off they go routine.

So considering that the Justice System usually has the fate of only a handful of defendants at the most in each case, with our democratic institutions, why can’t a jury be selected and judge before Parliament passes laws that affects umpteen millions?

Could run a raffle system, or if a specialist law, invite those from specific fields, then raffling off the places.  I say raffle for the better chance of procuring a interest-free jury.  For if only 12 out of a hundred can be selected, that would minimise the chance of subversion.

Sure it isn’t foolproof, nothing truly is.  Yet the less accountable our Officials become, the more need for public oversight that isn’t financed by the behemoth we call Government.




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