Fickle-minded | More than I can carry

19 08 2010

I never knew Geoffrey Bacon nor Mary Porter.  I never shared their joy or pain.  But I now know their end.  Brought about by degenerates that make me ashamed to be human.

Here I am, feeling so much sorrow for what has become of them, that I now question the legitimacy of human dominance.

Earlier I was celebrating/bemoaning the miniscule fact that I need to seek new avenues of funding when more Satanic curses are happening to my eldest and dearest (and dare I write it, most vulnerable).  Worse yet, by petty thugs that deserve the noose but usually have a plethora of excuses thus entitling them to an Alton Tower’s day pass.

My deepest sympathies to the Bacon and Porter clan.  May those who damn’d you be damn’d, for it is the only way they’ll learn.





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