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29 08 2010

Allow private firms to run schools, says Ofsted chief screams the headline in the Telegraph containing the revelation that outgoing Zenna Atkins (and Common Purpose arsehole?) wishes to further the ConDem’s Free Schools proposal to include not just parents and charities but also for-profit corporations.  Corporations like the one she has now joined, a certain GEMS Education, a global company that is a member of the World Economic Forum.

Turning education into a business sounds less appealing than keeping it in State hands.  It’s like swapping a mugger who does it for fun for another in the vain hope that the newer one, more interested in profit, may take more money but won’t laugh when they break your legs.

Some links regarding GEMS:

GEMS education sux on facebook

Teacher Solidarity on GEMS

If you want to find something positive about the company, feel free.  Myself on the other hand am a cynical bastard who trusts no-one.  Especially if they’re after a pound note.




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