EU’s FBI | Europol WANTS you

29 08 2010

So let me get this straight.  Due to the incompetence of past British governments, who opened up our borders to all and sundry, leading to an increase in foreign criminal gangs making a mockery of said lax controls, the EU now wishes to expand their Europol operations, even as Mercer puts it, “If that means a loss of sovereignty, then so be it because in this case I do think it’s a good thing“.

Oh, I see, create the frikking problem, provide the frikking solution.  Well, screw you EU stooges and the horses you rode in on.

Time for me to upgrade my arsenal to include nukes, cos judging by North Korea and Iran’s actions, it’s the only way to keep these damn monkeys off our backs.

Thanks to Goodnight Vienna from Calling England blogspot for the news round-up, would have missed it otherwise.  And to think, I thought I had my fill of media-induced rage.




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